Getting ripped is one thing, getting amplified is another.

Experience the all new group exercise that focus on your athletic movement performance. We let you create a body that can deliver when needed and won’t fail you during your most vigorous tasks.

We take the uncommon and make it your common!

Your function, strength and possibilities are hidden from you if you just move in the same way everyday or every time you workout. Exploring your potentials in three planes of motion will not only enhance you but also make you less prone to damage.

When you enter an Athletic Movement Performance® session we take your body through three stages we call Flow, Gymnastics and Strength.

Through these stages we build your athletic movement performance from the bottom up, in all three planes of motion. Giving you a tough workout and more importantly also everything your body need to build rock solid function.

The more AMP sessions you attend the more profound and rock solid your function will be. Then it’s up to you to chose what you want to do with this function, run, bike, ski, skate, swim or just live a daily life filed with the ability to do what ever crosses your mind.

What ever you choose, its time to get AMP-lified!

Our Master Trainers

Petra Johansson

Sami Hakala

Attend a AMP class at your nearest SATS ELIXIA center from Jan 2016.